CBW1 CAN-BUS Resistor / Load Equalizer

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Newly developed CAN-BUS Resistor / Load Equalizer CBW1 is suitable for most vehicles equipped with a CAN-BUS system. The resistor CBW1 provides a required electrical load for your vehicle, which, if the DIP switches are set correctly, does not lead to an error message with accessory turn signals.

In addition, reliability is ensured. Up to 2 channels can be operated, such as rear left indicators and rear right indicators.
If 2 pairs of indicators (VL,VR,HL,HR) are to be replaced, 2 x CBW1 are required.

Requirements for the use of the CBW1 on the vehicle:
LED indicators were installed on the vehicle in their original condition.
The vehicle has a CAN-BUS system.

Height = .39″ (11 mm) Width = 1.2″ (31 mm) (without brackets)
Width = 1.8″ (46 mm) (with brackets)
Length = 1.5″ (40 mm) Cable length = 7.8″ (200 mm) with pins

Yellow = Input channel 1 (+)
Orange = Output channel 1 (+)
Blue = Input channel 2 (+)
Red = Output channel 2 (+)
Gray = Input ground (-)
Black = Output ground (-)

Up to 2 channels can be operated.

The connection is explained in detail in the instructions.