Kodlin Front LED Install Kit for Harley-Davidson M8 Softails

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This kit takes the hassles out of splicing into your EOM harness when adding a 2-1 function or a load balancer to your front turn signal circuits of your M8 Softail®. With only two wires to attach for each LED installation, you simply plug the Kodlin Front Install Kit in series with your OEM/Extended turn signal harness to get proper load balancing and run/turn signal operation without additional splices.

Kit Contents:

  1. 1 - M8 S/T front LED Install kit with KUS11400 and KUS11300
  2. Instructions

Features and Benefits:

  • Built in CAN-bus compatible load balancer (KUS11400)
  • Built in 2-1 function for run/turn operation on one wire with KUS11300
  • Direct plug in between M8 Softail® (2018-up) main harness and OEM or extended turn signal harness
  • Eliminates the need to run additional wires or load resistors for custom LED installations
  • Eliminates hyper-flash and DTC’s
  • Saves time soldering extra connections
  • Tucks away neatly inside of neck area