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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your lowering kits adjustable?
No, they are not designed to be adjustable.
Do I need a shock tool to install your lowering kit?
Yes, it is highly recommended to use a tool made for that purpose (i.e. Kodlin K66030 Compression Tool). You will need to compress your shock spring to remove the lower shock end. The spring will be under pressure and you will need a safe way to control that pressure as you compress the spring. A tool that allows you to do this safely is critical. We don’t recommend the use of “home made tools”. We highly recommend working with a certified dealership / mechanic to install our products.
Can I use somebody else’s shock tool to install your lowering kit?
Yes, if the tool can compress the shock so you can remove the lower shock end.
Do you rent your shock spring compression tool?
No, not currently.
Do I need to lower my front if I install your lowering kit?
No, you do not need to. If you are in tune with your bikes handling, you may notice a slight difference in its handling. You can lower the front if you want stock like handling with the exception that it is lower and may scrape more depending on your riding style.
I watched a video and they cut down the rubber dampener on the shock, do I need to do that also with your lowering kit?
No, our lowering kits were designed for stock dampener size, so no cutting or modifications are needed.
I lost my instructions, where can I get a copy?
Copies and the latest updates of our install instructions as well as videos and other technical information can be found on our website.
Are your LED turn signals plug and play?
No, you will need to cut and splice into your turn signal wires to install. Soldering tools and skills required.
My Kodlin rear turn signal has four wires, but my bike has only two, what do I do?
Your bike most likely has an OEM taillight so turn signals were only wired for one function. You can either add your own additional wires and terminals then wire according to our Tech-Tip "Rear LED with OEM Taillight Wiring Diagram" or purchase our Rear LED Install kit KUS11500 and use that. It will plug into existing harness and provide all the wires you will need for your install plus has the added advantage of including a load balancer, OEM connectors and Posi-Locks.
Do I need a load balancer/equalizer to install Kodlin LED turn signals?
It depends on the year and model of your motorcycle. If your bike is newer and has a BCM you can try running your flasher for 3-5 minutes to see if your BCM will automatically adjust for new load. If your bike does not adjust or you have an older bike, then you will need to add a load balancer (equalizer) to correct for a fast-flashing dash indicator or DTC.
I installed my 3-1 rear LED turn signals, but my brake light is amber not red. Is it bad?
No, your BCM is most likely configured for turn signals only because it had no OEM taillight. I suggest wiring as seen in our Tech Tip "Rear LED with No Taillight Wiring Diagram".
What is a 2-1 intensifier?
Our front LED turn signals currently operate like a single filament(function) bulb for turn signal only and the USA model of bikes run a dual filament(function) bulb setup for running and turn signal lights. Installing the 2-1 Intensifier will bring back the dual function of the bike providing both run and turn signal lights with our LEDs.
After installing your LED turn signals my flasher on my dash blinks faster. Is something wrong?
Your BCM is informing you that the circuit load has been reduced and it thinks it is due to a bad bulb not the new LED lights. Run your emergency flashers only for 3-5 minutes, turn off flashers and bike ignition then repeat, then test. If dash turn indicator flash speed does not go back to normal, then you may need to install a load balancer if the speed is not to your liking.
Can I install your led turn signals on other models or manufacturers of bikes?
Yes, that is what customizing is all about. It is the installers responsibility to know how the bike circuits operate to ensure proper wiring. Not all bikes operate the same with the newer BCM/Can Bus controlled bikes.
How do I tell which shock I have and what lowering kit part number do I need?
I only have rear turn signals and no taillight. How should I wire my new LED's?
Check out our Tech Tip "Rear LED with No Taillight Wiring Diagram". That should help.
My Kodlin rear turn signal has four wires, but my bike only has three, what do I do?
I would suggest wiring bike as shown in our Tech Tip "Rear LED with No Taillight Wiring Diagram".


*other models may vary

Pin position 1, Blue = Running light (open on some models)

Pin position 2, Violet = Turn Signal

Pin position 3, Open

Pin position 4, Black = Ground

Pin position 1, Blue = Running light to LED yellow wire

Pin position 2, Violet = Turn Signal to LED brown wire

Pin position 3, Blue/Red = Brake light to LED red wire

Pin position 4, Black = Ground to LED black wire

Wire extensions may be needed to fill pin position 1 and 3 depending on your model of bike


YELLOW = Running Lights

BROWN = Turn Signal

RED = Brake

BLACK = Ground

On all models that only have stock turn signals functioning as run/turn/brake
lights you must have your BCM taillight configuration set to "Dedicated taillight".
This is typically done at Harley dealership or shop with that capability.
This will stop brake signal voltage from going to pin 2 and causing an amber
LED brake light. Brake signal will now only go through pin 3 for proper red
LED brake light.

Tech Tips

Tech Tips

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